Sunday, 27 November 2011

About Me

Hai, let’s me introduce about myself first k… my name is Nurhidayu Binti Zakaria. I come from Muadzam Shah,Pahang. I was born on 28 july 1991 at my home. I have 6 sibling. There are 4 boys and 2 girls. I’m the youngest in my sibling. I also have twin, and my twin is boy. I very close with my twin since we’re already born hehe. We go and back to school together, everything I know about himJ. But now we are not together anymore because he study at Negeri Sembilan and me at Melaka. just call me ayu!! I use this name start from I a little girl. I like my name..huuhu. so, nobody cannot change or call me with anothers name okJ.

Ok now I story about my education. My first school at sk keratong 10 from I standard 1 until 6. And then I take pmr and spm at smk Perantau Damai. After spm I never got continue my study at university because I think my spm result not so good..hehe. but I still continue my study at Smk Muadzam Shah and take stpm overthere. I very happy and enjoy become a form 6 student at there..i study.,study.,and study…until I got the stpm result. I think my result not badJ..and I tried to  apply university..

Before I waiting to further my study..i tried to got some experience and I work to got some money for my saving..first experience I work as training assistance supervisor at a small shop..second experience I got during I work as a teacher at KRISTA KINDERGARTEN. That’s my experience as a worker…it’s quite difficult to got money..hehe…on September I got further my study at uitm Bandaraya melaka where I study now…lastly,I also got further my study at university... That’s my dreaming and hope. Here I study in business management and course insurance...i also want to said thankful to my mother and my father also all my sibling b'coz give me support until now...i very love all of them...

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