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Who Needs Insurance Exactly?
Everyone needs insurance, and it is one of those things in life where there is just no getting around it. I know that not everyone can afford it, but sometimes you can't afford not to have it either. We need insurance for all kinds of things. We need it for our health, for driving, for the possible loss of property, and much more. Finding and paying for insurance isn't something that people look forward to, but is just a necessity very often. Insurance turns out to be one of those needs, and not really a want.
We can't always protect ourselves from others, or even from nature. Some people really do rotten things to others, and nature can have a way of getting carried away sometimes, like as seen in tornadoes and the damage. There are many kinds of risks, as I mentioned above. Some others may include things like personal liability, or risk of being hurt by others choices. For example if you entered into a contract with another person and they later break their portion of that agreement. That can bring great financial devastation perhaps, and you need protection in that case. You can't control what others are going to do, but you can plan ahead and learn from others mistakes or lack of planning.

We go through life never really expecting anything serious to happen to us; until it does. We hear about stories of people being in accidents, losing their limbs or becoming paralyzed; houses burn down and families not having anything left afterwards; people dying of unsuspected circumstances and then leaving young children behind to fend for themselves. But we never really think that it can happen to us. Well, truth is, it can happen to anyone, at any time. It can happen in 10 minutes, 10 seconds, 10 months or 10 years. But there is always a chance that it can and may happen to you.
This is exactly why most of us have insurance cover on our lives, homes, businesses, vehicles, health and even the lives of our pets - to cover us or protect us in the event that something awful might happen to any of our assets, important possessions or our families. We use our vehicles daily: we drive to work; we drive to the shops; we drive to fetch the kids; we drive to the gym; we drive EVERYWHERE Driving this much has its downsides: we spend way too much time in our cars, away from home and away from our families, and we spend way too much money on things like fuel, repairs, maintenances, upgrades and insurance. Insurance cover, however, is different compared to paying for all the other expenses as it actually is necessary and will protect you in the event of a serious accident or a slight bump. Driving without insurance really is not an option anymore..Like vehicle insurance, the next important insurance cover to have is home or house insurance. Not only does it protect you in case of natural disasters such as rainstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires, it also protects everything inside of your home, known as home content insurance. Our homes are probably our biggest and most important assets of all, and not having it insured is playing with fire. Should something happen, your family will at least have somewhere to go in the meantime while your home is being repaired. Not having home insurance is just too much of a risk.

Life insurance, last but not least, is also one of the most important kinds of insurance cover you must have. Yes, material things being used every day, like homes and cars, are important, but they are not more important than your life. If you were to be taken out of the equation, yes, your family would have cars and houses and belongings, but they would not have you. And, imagine if something were to happen to you without you being covered; they would be left with the heartache of you being gone, and the worry and stress of not knowing what to do, where to get money from and how to carry on paying bills and bonds. When you have life insurance, you provide a safe haven for your family for if or when you are taken away and can no longer support them.
Even though insurance cover may sometimes be a hassle to pay, it really is necessary.

 Why Do We Need Insurance?

A house is more than just a "house," isn't it? If you've laughed in it, cried in it, and lived in it, it's a home—your home. If something should happen to you, will it remain with those who have shared it with you? A life insurance plan can assure that your home stays with your loved ones.
You have worked hard to bring your family's standard of living up to where it is. You shouldn't be willing to give that up—no matter what. They say "you can't take it with you," but earning capacity goes when you do! There is a way to guarantee that they will never have to sacrifice that standard of living, whether you are here or not. Life insurance.
Few things concern parents today more than helping their children get a college education. If costs continue to rise, a private university's annual cost exceeds $30,000! Money like that can be hard to come by. What can you do about it? Make sure your children have the same opportunities for education whether you live or die.
The furnace breaks. The car goes on the blink. The roof leaks. Someone in the family becomes ill. Everyday occurrences in households all over the country. What do you do? Life insurance can help. The cash and loan values of a whole life policy are available to you when emergencies happen. Or even to provide cash for some other event.
The unfortunate truth is that the last thing you'll do on this earth is create a debt that you won't be around to pay. Final expenses may include burial costs, unpaid bills, and excess hospital bills over health insurance payments. The emotional drain on your family should not be aggravated by concern about money. Not if you can help it. And you can.
The years ahead are precious, and you want to spend plenty of time with your children, your grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. But financial burdens can create tension in the closest families. In fact, protecting families from economic hardship was why the Knights of Columbus was founded.






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